Entertaining and electrifying sports host JR The Bossman entertains listeners locally, regionally, nationally and globally on the JR The Bossman Show. The program is disseminated through every major radio mobile application, our website and a growing syndication network comprised of terrestrial radio stations throughout the country.

While being solely focused on entertaining, educating and electrifying the audience, the JR The Bossman Show features interviews from the world of sports and entertainment that are well researched along with giving the listener a feeling as if they are in a barbershop or sports bar just shooting the breeze with JR and his guests.

By utilizing his ability to entertain and educate, JR captivates his audience with a straightforward, tell it like it is approach that keeps listeners engaged and in tune with the program. JR continues to bring the heat and deliver the important sports news of the day providing listeners with a “Bossman Take” on these hot button issues, along with a multitude of other topics that may be buzzing on a given day.

When he’s not on the air, JR covers many live collegiate and professional games along with other big sports and entertainment events to share with the listening audience on a daily basis through on the air and social media platforms.